Our soul is Latin America!

Right now we are remembering the faces of thousands of Ecuadorians who have travelled with us! Shared many smiles…over the years it has sheltered in our being … so many people who left something in our soul! Also we are thinking of the thousands of Ecuadorians who came to Spain to work with us and today they are part of our society.. our colleagues in the office … people with whom we work each day… Valeria (Europamundo), Gaby, Francisco, Rocio, Erika, Cecilia, Estela, Marcelo, Jessenia , Jesus, Silvia …The visible faces of Europamundo in Ecuador.

We need to help Ecuador!

Europamundo foundation has proposed to dedicate a part of our emergency fund to support Ecuador, a great country..so dear to us. Many people linked to Europamundo have expressed their desire to help and this leads us to create a way to channel the aid.

We have created a working group ALL FOR ECUADOR with the help of Gabriela, Director of Status Travel in Ecuador. She has evaluate the way aid should be channelize in the most correct way and have the assurance that it will reach those most in need. We hope driven by our Foundation and the help group ‘ALL FOR ECUADOR’ our message will reach more places and people. We urge you to spread this message to as many people you can, so that desire of many to join this cause will be fulfilled!

We have opened a current account in the name of our Foundation to receive income for this purpose. In addition to the funds contributed by the Europamundo Foundation, we want you (Our travellers, social networks, our coaches, co-workers, service providers, operators, Latin representatives and travel agents in Spain) to contribute.


Calle García de Paredes, 55 1º

28010 – MADRID

Nº DE CTA. 2100 1418 69 0200302877

IBAN: ES38 2100 1418 6902 0030 2877


We will inform by mentioning the names and giving due credit on our Social networks to the people who will be contributing (All the operators who represent us in the world, companies or individuals) (only if they want to put their name) are supporting this cause “ALL TOGETHER FOR ECUADOR”. Hopefully we are able to put the lamentations caused by suffering of lives in Ecuador.

ALL TOGETHER FOR ECUADOR, with the Foundation Europamundo…