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Holi a Festival of Colors!!

India is welcoming spring with celebration Holi festival on 24 Mar 2016. Holi known as the 'festival of colors' or the 'festival of love'; is a bright, colorful most awaited festival in India because of its fun spirit and playfulness. There is something for everyone...

Roma: Tips to enjoy your trip

Are you travelling to Rome? In this post we are going to share with you some clues to help you to get the most of the Eternal City from the very moment you arrive. Maps, visits, activities with children, and much more that you can find if you keep on reading. You can...

Travel tips Europamundo

Are you travelling with Europamundo shortly? There are so many questions that emerge before starting a big travel: what is the best way of organising my luggage? What kind of clothes should I bring? How to package my medicines?, shoes?, time zones? Plugs? All this...

Europamundo Experience with Luz!

Europamundo Experience with Luz!

"A desire to experience” is possibly the most repeated answer when asking our travelers why their passion for traveling. And this is precisely the reason why our colleague Luz decided one day to pack and start dreaming... After my first year in Europamundo, I decided...

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