How Europamundo is Helping Indian Girls to ‘Think out of Cubical’ & Travel Solo! And Why You Should Too!

Meet Neha Arora a Delhi girl working with a software firm in the heart of this bustling metropolis. A new member of Europamundo traveler family, just back from her 8 days Italy and SwitzerlandSolo Trip! The reason we are sharing her story is because she is one of the young Indians who are choosing Europamundo for their solo trips to Europe.


Neha decided to take break from her routine life, and go on a vacation. She has gone for solo trips in India before but this time she wanted to chase her dream vacation to Europe. She got to know about Europamundo and she instantly decided to book a tour. She decided to travel solo and this turned out to be amazing for her!

Neha was excited and also a little concerned as to how traveling to Europe without a companion will be like? As soon as she was able to decide on the dates for her holiday, she started exploring tours options from Europamundo website.

She stumbled upon this 8 day tour which covers her most desired destinations Italy with Switzerland. As she was going through the quotes and customization of her tour, she got to know about Europamundo Tours to Share option.

She was able to opt for this option and she was all set to go on this epic journey all by herself, actually No! Because Europamundo Tours to share option let her share the hotel room with another travel companion, in her case another solo girl traveler from Europamundo tour group. So she was on her own but at the same time she had a companion to share not only the room but also the tour experience.

And soon she was on her epic tour journey! She wanted to start this tour from Florence, she landed in Florence her tour arrival city, where she was welcomed by a private transfer to her hotel. This tour was Rotary Tour some of the Europamundo tour gives this option to start tour from city of your choice and tours ends in the same city. Later she met all her tour mates for this 8 day tour of Italy and Switzerland. The day started with a city tour by local expert from Florence, they went to see the view from Piazzale Michelangelo, the iconic landmark of Florence. In the evening she was delighted to know that Europamundo has courtesy evening transfers to the city center or the plaza for dinner and shopping.

The second destination on her tour was Venice as she describes – it was a picture perfect destination. By this time she was comfortable with the coach’s Tour Guide and driver. She found the Tour Guide very helpful and expert at their job and they took good care of the travelers. She experienced that with Europamundo, she was independent to explore the destination but there was a sense of security      of being with a group. Especially for the first timers to Europe, when you are a in a foreign land and sometimes language is a barrier, being part of a group makes life a little easy.
Her next stop was Veronathe city of Romeo & Juliet. She described the city as romantic and    dramatic- a perfect Italian city. As this is was her third destination on the tour, she became friends with the most of travelers in the group and she was delighted that she always had a company of another girl traveler to share the room and every day’s experiences.

With Europamundo you can enjoy to travel solo without paying any extra charges or supplement. Usually if you have to travel in Europe and you need to book a tour on single room sharing you need to pay a little extra for single sharing as compared to double sharing basis. With Europamundo Tours to Share option the solo traveler will be reducing his or her tours cost even lower than the tour cost on double sharing.

Its Europamundo’s job to find you a companion and put both on sharing, and if there is no one to share, then you get to enjoy the entire double room for yourself! That’s Europamundo.

The next destination on her tour was Zurich. Neha’s dream destination Switzerland – as she describes it with dreamy eyes. She quoted that apart from tourist spots, what she loved about Europamundo is traveling by coaches. She was able to sit and relax in bus and view the beautiful changing landscapes of Switzerland. And mostly the travel was in the day, so the journey between two destinations was very enjoyable.

She went up to Mount Titlis, the highest point in Switzerland; she played in snow with her tour mates and was mesmerized by the view. This was the moment she recalls to be her happiest moment on her solo trip with Europamundo.

Her Europamundo tour took her to beautiful destinations in Switzerland such as Lugano which is a city surrounded by lakes and mountains. Then Europamundo coach came to Milan, the fashion  capital.    Then Portofino, to which she describes as a picturesque sea port and full of travelers. It has     narrow lanes and beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. Then she went to Pisa, by this time the    group mates from the tour have become her good friends. She learned a few basic Italian words. And she learned a lot about customs and culture of different cities on the tour.

As the tour reached Rome – The Eternal city. She was spellbound to see its Art, monuments its fountains and the whole energy of city was exceptional.

Tour reached back to Florence the last stop – by this time she realized that she has created life long memories and made some really beautiful friendship bonds. Which perhaps would have not been possible if she would have not taken this solo trip. She recommends all to take out time out of their busy cubical life and travel solo, explore the world and break the barriers.

Europamundo let you do that with utmost safety and security of a group tour, so you are actually      not alone and always around professional Tour Guides while sightseeing and travelling between destinations.

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