Europamundo invites you to discover the magic and enchantment of the Carnival in Venice. One of the most important festivals in the world, that will take place between January 30th and February 9th 

Magic, mystery, disguises, elegance, Romanticism. These are some of the words that come to our mind when we think about the celebration of Carnival in Venice.  A marvelous party that will change your life. Do you want to discover it? Then, come with us and keep on reading this article that will discover you the mysteries of this international encounter. But first of all take a look at this video Isn´t it amazing?

Carnival: One of the landmarks of Venice


No one can dispute that VENICE is one of the most marvelous cities in the world. An ideal stage to live a love story or even to fall in love. You will be transporting to the essence of enchantment and Romanticism through their channels and the narrow streets of the city.
Venice is the soul of Italy where culture and art embrace marvelous sunsets and intimate walks, both on foot or in one of the typical “gondolas”. A city full of life which holds annually one of the most important festivals of the world: Carnival.
In 2016, Venice will host its Carnival between January 30th and February 9th, offering, both to Venetians and visitors, a complete schedule of activities. We will give you a complete information of everything that the city offers during those days, but firstly:  do you know anything about the origins of the Carnival?

The origins of Venice´s Carnival


Although the Carnival was declared a public festival in the thirteenth century, there are documents that proves its existence already in the eleventh century.
But it was during the eighteenth century when the Carnival turned into an international event commonly visited by the European royalty. Princes and nobles from the principal Royal Houses of Europe came to Venice in those days, to become anonymous, taking advantage of this circumstance to have love affairs, live adventures and above all, to get free from all their obligations and conventions for a few days.
And it is precisely from this necessity of disguising ones personality that the mask became the landmark of the Venetian Carnival. No one can dispute that masks are fundamental in the Carnival. Mysterious elements, that, along with the clothing – mainly inspired in the eighteen century- are the main elements of the venetian apparel during the Carnival.

Venetian Carnival masks´: Handmade pieces of art


The construction of Carnival´s masks is one of the most traditional and astonishing craftwork in Venice. If you walk through the narrow streets of the center of the city, you will find several shops that normally are also workshops where the artisans create their masks.



There are several types of Venetian masks depending on its shapes or the figures they represent

  • Undoubtedly on the best known is the “bauta”. This is the mask that was traditionally used by the nobility during the eighteen century and was normally wore with a three-pointed hat. Casanova is always represented wearing this mask.
  • Besides the “gatto” mask represents the head of a cat. It is said that the origin of this mask comes from the period of the Venetian Republic, as a tribute to this domestic animal, very rare and scarce in the city.
  • One of the most impressive Venetian Carnival  mask is the “jolly” mask, that represents the figure of a medieval  buffoon.
  • On the other hand, “moretta” mask is the most traditional Carnival mask. Normally used by women, this mask is made of black velvet and has oval shape. Traditionally this mask, was usually wore with a black veil, and was used by women when visiting a convent.

And after this short classification of the most popular Venetian masks, would you like to learn how to create your own mask? Take a look at the following video and do it yourself!

Venice´s Carnival 2016


Tthe city of Venice will host the Carnival between January 30th and February 9th. Click HERE to know everything about the cultural events, and parties you may attend to.

Costume contests, masks exhibitions and elegant balls, are some of the proposals of this year. Make your own planning and get the most of the Carnival!

And finally to conclude this article we would like to recommend you some typical pastries to enjoy during the Carnival that will surely help you to refuel. We all know that one of the most amazing attractions of Italy is precisely its delicious cuisine. Well, during the Carnival, it is very typical to enjoy desserts such as “frittelle”, “Galano” or Castagnoli, three delicious examples. You can enjoy those and other traditional and delicious Carnival recipes in the following video

And after all these fantastic proposals, wouldn´t you like to enjoy Venice´s Carnival? Don´t hesitate to consult our WEBSITE   and choose the best circuit for you.

But before getting your plane ticket, tell us: Is there any special celebration during the Carnival, in your country ? Would you recommend it to us and share some pictures or typical recipes? Let´s enjoy Carnival!