Good day Europamundo friends! We would like to give you some tips that will lead you to a splendid and economical conclusion: Why not to choose our Europamundo tour in the off season?

To begin with, let us tell you which are the months that are included in the off season. This is the period between the end of October and March. Although it may seem a strange period to enjoy your holidays, we would like to give you some proofs that will help you to understand the advantages of travelling off season. Take a look at this list and get the most of your Europamundo experience!


Travelling in the off season is……CHEAPER


Undoubtedly, there is a close relation between the price of your tour and the exact moment you decide to enjoy your holidays. During the off season prices are lower in general terms. And taking into consideration that there is less demand for touristic services in general, we are able to offer our travellers, the same services but at a more affordable price if you choose to travel during the off season.


Travelling off season…helps you to avoid overcrowding


It is true that, in some occasions, we may suffer the consequences of overcrowded cities and monuments when we travel in the peak season. This inconvenient, disappears if we travel in the off season. Imagine your marvelous photographs in landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Trevi´s Fountain or Madrid´s Puerta de Alcala, without the inconvenient of crowded street full of tourists.

Besides you will get the most of your walks through those spots and corners you always dreamt about going over.



Travelling off season… does not necessary mean bad weather  


This is a widely spread idea but not necessary accurate. We tend to choose the summer months to go on holidays, a fact that may be a good idea if your plans are related to spending hours in a paradisiac beach.

On the other hand, taking into consideration that our travellers are usually people eager to live experiences and to get the most of every city, landscape, monument, village and new corner, it would be a great idea, in order to avoid the extremities of hot weather that in some occasions may decrease our resistance, travelling during the off season.

Besides you should take into consideration that the weather nowadays is smoother and also, imagine the magic of discovering your dreamt city in the colours of the Autumn, for example, or the magic of discovering the enchant of your destination in the winter. Furthermore, even though the weather has a tendency to be more gentle in general, you may have the opportunity of enjoying snowy landscapes, and feel the magic that snow bestows the capitals of the Old Europe, travelling during the off season.




Enjoy overwhelming landscapes during the off season


Don´t forget that in our tours we travel on the road to get from one destination to the next one. So, travelling in the off season will give you the opportunity of discovering impressive and completely new landscapes, that you wouldn´t have the opportunity of enjoying during any other moment of the year. White scenarios due to the effect of the snow, or impressive Autumn sunsets that you will keep in your heart forever.


 Tours in the off season…Take the pulse of the inhabitants of the places you visit


One of the most outstanding characteristics that Europamundo´s tours offer to our travellers is the chance to visit small villages and spots full of enchantment, but not regularly included as “touristic landmarks”. Astonishing corners and villages with inhabitants eager to share with you the secrets and charms of their villages. Undoubtedly it is easy to understand that people are more friendly with tourists if they are not stressed by the huge activity of the peak season.

Up to here we have given you several reasons to choose off season. Aren´t you  convinced already of the advantages of enjoying your tour during the  off season? They are, in conclusion, the best ally to get the most of your experience with us. So, please consult our website and choose one of our multiple destinations. We are waiting for you.

And before that, tell us, have you ever enjoyed your holidays during the off season? Would you like to share with us your experience and the advantages you got from this experience?