Hammam, The Experience That Will Awaken Your Senses


There are many visits and activities that Europamundo Vacations includes in the trips. Through activities and experiences in Turkey you will soak up the Turkish culture and fully enjoy the experience of visiting a country as enigmatic and exciting as the country is. However, we are aware that at many times our travelers also need free time to experience – for themselves – the adventure of getting lost among the streets and customs of the country they visit. During your trip through Turkey with Europamundo, you will always have one or two days off to carry out those personal activities to enrich even more, if possible, through your Turkey trip with Europamundo.


What do you think if you take advantage of your free time and enjoy a fantastic Turkish bath? Get ready to enjoy with the 5 senses of this experience.


A hammam is a place where you can enjoy a body treatment or a bath with steam water.


Since ancient times, human beings have used water and its vapors to wash, relax and purify the body. The hammam or Turkish bath has played an important role in time and past cultures. It is a meeting point for enjoyment and relaxation. An essential center of people’s lives, to come together to deal with problems and close the occasional business deal.


In Muslims culture it was and remains a place of purification.

Since its inception, the Hammam or Turkish bath has been an activity reserved for men. Over time, the benefits it brings to women’s health have been demonstrated. We can say that today, there is a greater influx of women than men who will enjoy the Hammam.


2.- How is a typical Hammam from inside?


The Turkish bath is divided into three rooms.


The first is a relaxation room, with a temperature of approximately 20 degrees. It is the room that receives you to acclimatize your body both at the entrance and at the exit.

The second, is warm room, with a temperature of approximately 30 degrees. It is suitable for people who do not withstand a high degree of heat and temperatures.

The third is the hot room. A compartment that can reach 50 degrees. In this room it is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes. In this room the body dilates its pores, and relaxes the muscles to receive a massage with the best result.


All rooms of the Hammam and the floors thereof, are heated through a “fornaces” or wood ovens. They are usually located in the lower part of the building, and it is from where the water and the rooms are heated. There is also another heating system, through ducts located on walls or ceilings, which expel a jet of warm air, regulating the temperature of the room by closing or opening the ducts according to the temperature to be reached.

3.- Benefits of a Hammam.

The hammam increases the ability to exchange oxygen in the lungs, improving the bronchial system. The opening of the airways helps unclog, improving episodes of cold, sinusitis and cough.

It relaxes the nervous system and favors the reduction of stress and anxiety.

The steam, at high temperature, expands the pores of the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Toxins are released through the sweat of the skin.

The heat accelerates metabolic functions, increases heart rate and stimulates the nervous and hormonal system, producing feelings of well-being.

It is beneficial for the hair (especially those with dry hair) considering that moist heat decontaminates the hair and scalp giving greater health and softness.

Reliefs the symptoms of menstruation by heat.

For teenagers, the notoriety of acne decreases when cleaning pores.

4.- Precautions.

NOT recommended for people with asthma

Use of flip flops to avoid bacteria that appear at high temperatures

Being hydrated by drinking water, as it causes a better cleaning of the skin

It is recommended to attend the hammam only once or twice a week.


Sensation of a certain burden by the sharp difference in the temperature change that the body undergoes in a very accelerated time, which disappears after a few minutes.


5.- For greater enjoyment of the hammam.


All hammam are designed to clean and relax.


For greater enjoyment you can opt for a massage. All Turkish baths have expert masseuses who offer their services for additional amounts to the entrance fee.

You can specify if this service is desired before entering the hammam. Massages are usually carried out on a marble bed, rectangular or round. As a general rule, massage therapists are usually the same sex as their clients.


You can also purchase certain products to complement the washing service, such as:


A hair clay that dissolves in water forming a mask that leaves hair soft and shiny,

Handmade soaps that are used as a body scrub. They help remove impurities and dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin.

6.- Wake up your 5 senses.

Smell: The aroma of natural essences and soaps is spread and mixed with water vapor invading the hammam’s rooms.

Ear: The sound of water, fountains, and droplets that fall from the ceiling, creating pleasant music for the ear.

View: Enjoy the architectural works. They are often places of historical interest, with their vaulted ceilings, columns, mosaics and marbles

Touch: Let yourself be carried away by the experience and hand of a masseuse, and feel the relaxation of a warm marble caressing your body

Taste: Hydrate your body after the experience with a tasty apple tea.


Will you dare to enjoy this experience in your free time on the trip? And if you have already done so, tell us what you think!

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Would you like to travel to Turkey with Europamundo? Look HERE all our trips and check HERE the photos of Europamundo travelers who have already enjoyed the experience of traveling through Turkey with Europamundo.