For us (Europamundo) as a company, it is a pride that our team chooses to spend their holidays enjoying some of our tours. It is a pleasure and a great opportunity to get to know first hand, the services we offer to our travelers. It’s nice to design dreams … and even more beautiful to see how your team makes their own dreams come true … Thank you for letting us dream through you Natacha.

My name is Natacha and I work in the Europamundo Operations Department. I was born in Argentina and almost two years ago, after touring several countries and living in others, I decided to stop hanging around and settle in Madrid, the first city I was in Europe, and the one I fell deeply in love with. For those beautiful coincidences, four years later I fell in love again in the same place, but this time not only with the city.

And in Madrid, I stayed with the love of my life, and I was so lucky that soon I started working for Europamundo. I started working at the beginning of the high season, and after a period of working hard, in November I got my well-deserved vacation, and I wanted to experience what our travelers feel. I wanted to feel what it was like to be on the other side, and with my partner who always accompanies me, we choose to take a trip with Europamundo.

We arrived in Brussels on Friday from Madrid, that day we were on our own, we walked the city at night, we went for some beers to those lively bars that characterize this city, we walked the streets, through its main square, we tried delicious chocolates and we fell in love with the city. The next day, after resting, we traveled by train to Bruges to meet who was going to be our guide and tour, travel group.

Bruges is one of those little towns that simply delight you, where you feel you are inside a story, and when you least expect it, a fairy flies by your side.

It was very cold so we decided to have a hot chocolate in one of its picturesque chocolate shops, where we strategically sat down beside the window, to be able to see what was happening outside. We did not want to miss a minute of that story, having a hot chocolate while seeing a parade of people from another country, is not something that happens every day.

After touring the town, we went to meet our guide, Frank. A crazy, caring and well-prepared Frenchman, welcomed us in his group, where we became part of it so quickly. We talked to him for a while and it was time for us to return to Brussels since the group was coming from Paris. We arrived at the hotel in night and the guide recommended us to visit the city center, which I personally consider to be the perfect time in Brussels, because of the nightlife and the spirit of the city. By the end of the night, we decided to have dinner near the hotel and go to bed early. I have to admit that we did not hesitate about going out again for a beer, because getting to the center was very easy and fast, the hotel had a fantastic location in a very quiet place. Perfect to be able to rest well and continue the next day with all the energy we needed.

The next day we toured Brussels, first by bus with our guide, since we behaved so well as a group and always returned on time, gave us free tickets for the famous “Atomium”, where we took beautiful photos for Instagram.

After touring the city by foot and having our lunch and we strolled on our own, then we set off for the long-awaited capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.







Before reaching the capital, already in the Netherlands, we stopped in a city called Delft. Like all my travel companions, I was with all my expectations set in the famous Amsterdam, but Delft left me breathless, with its canals, its cheese shops and its crafts where you can not miss its ceramic with blue artwork and the typical wooden clogs, any size you were looking for.

In this university city, we had a snack in a bar full of students, the place had large windows overlooking the main canal. We stood next to them and enjoyed a typical sponge cake from the area, we had the delicious coffee I ever had. Between talks and coffee, in my head I dreamt of traveling to the rest of the places where I had never been, and I wished to visit. Traveling opens your mind and your heart.

After daydreaming in that bar, we walked through those flower-filled alleys, small bars, canals and bicycles of all colors. I must confess and without exaggeration, that this was the most romantic afternoon of my life, with my partner and in that little town in the Netherlands that I never imagined seeing, and where I would return a thousand times. On our way back to the bus we met some of our travel companions. I remember very well, a guy who was traveling solo, Jorge he was too from Argentina, we began our friendship by asking him to take a photo, but that was not enough for us and when we arrived in Amsterdam the three of us went to dinner, we told each other anecdotes, we laughed as if we had known each other forever and as with him, many other people in the group made our trip a very special one.

The next day and the last one for us with this wonderful group, we toured the great and awaited Amsterdam, we were accompanied by a local guide who not only knew a lot about history, he also told us about the city, the country and about the Dutch people who are very open and loving people. She took us to places like the flower market, where I could finally see those beautiful flowers that represent this country, tulips of all colors and everywhere. It was raining outside, as it is usually the weather in Amsterdam, but it didn’t matter because those colors around you made you forget about the cold.

Later we decided to join the optional excursion to the towns of Marken and Volendam, another tip and good advice from the guide. The towns were the special ones on this trip.

After walking around Marken, a small fishing town, we went to see a cheese factory where they make the famous and exquisite Gouda cheese, they showed us the making process, and we had a tasting. It was impossible not to buy some.

As the last destination of our trip, we arrived at Volendam, a town on the shore of Lake Markermeer, northeast of Amsterdam. Peace reigns in that place, and without a doubt the good food, we ate in the restaurant that the guide recommended us. They brought us the food instantly, and that allowed us not to waste a minute to continue enjoying the place. Anyway, our time in the restaurant was longer than we expected. We started chatting with a very old man, who spoke a little Spanish, and who happened to be the owner of the place. Between shots, he told us about the origins of the town. He was a beautiful person, who was part of this beautiful trip and thanks to his shots and stories, the beautiful winter afternoon by the lake became much warmer.

And so, with the return to Amsterdam, the last day with the group got to the end, sad for being the last, but very happy for everything we experienced and for experiencing in person how dreams come true. We are here to fulfill the dreams to all those who adventure to get on this ship which is Europamundo.


Thanks Natacha! Without a doubt, with the story of your Europamundo Experience you have made us travel to these wonderful places. Traveling friends go to Europamundo Photos  [], and continue enjoying Natacha’s trip through her photos!

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