It is clear that if you are reading this article it is because you are passionate about travel as well as wanting to do it in the most appropriate way in these times . Well, you know what? The time has come!

We want to introduce you to the new way of traveling with Europamundo , which as we have well described in the title, we give the highest priority to safety and comfort to enjoy your dream of touring the world. Keep reading so you don’t miss a thing!

We live in a period in which it is very important to take care of yourself and take care of others, and that is why Europamundo Vacations will adopt the highest security measures in its circuits, measures that, in turn, will result in conditions of greater comfort and better services to you, our travelers.

The priorities are as follows:

  • Operate practically all of the existing tour offers.
  • Guarantee departments , a point that has characterized us since our inception.
  • Guarantee the highest level of security, sanitization, and cleanliness in the services used.

At this point in our article, you will ask yourself: what measures will Europamundo take during travel? Well, we have set few guidelines and rules that we will strictly follow (Remember! For more information, we recommend talking directly with your Travel Agent  ):

  • The coaches used will operate a maximum of 50% of their occupancy . This feature allows us to offer greater security and a higher quality derived from the existence of many empty seats (secured window, less crowding, fewer travelers per guide providing services….).
  • Our guides and drivers will pass the coronavirus tests before starting the tours.
  • In the coaches, strict cleaning and sanitary security measures will be taken (disposal of masks and gloves for all passengers, disposable seat covers….).
  • Hotels that offer the maximum sanitary guarantees will be used .
  • At the discretion of the guide, and according to the evolution of tourism, some schedules may be modified in order to visit the places planned at times with less crowding.
  • For travelers who can be considered a “risk group ” or for groups of friends and / or families who wish to do so, we will offer in most of the trips the option of taking the minivan trips led by a guide. In this case, the reservation must be made for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 travelers (case by case the resulting price will be quoted). Private services will be provided -following our regular routes- with the possibility of being more adapted to the specific needs of travelers.
  • We include Covid-19 coverage to our travel insurance since if during your tour you perform the coronavirus test and it turns out positive, our insurance will provide assistance and coverage.

Each and all of the above points has been carefully studied so that you can continue enjoying the pleasure of traveling without having to worry about anything more than intensely enjoying your tour of great places and small charming towns. As we always like to do!

To the previous points we want to add that temporarily, while the conditions of “SAFETY & COMFORT” are provided, the following conditions will apply:

  • All reservations that have been made BEFORE the effective date of “SAFETY & COMFORT” will keep the price and commissions previously confirmed, travelers will enjoy the security and comfort conditions of ” SAFETY & COMFORTwithout supplement .
  • Travelers who, already registered, have to change their reservation date for reasons of force majeure (includes legal regulations that prevent them from traveling to the intended destination) may do so without charge as long as they inform at least 15 days in advance of the departure date (or later if there were changes in the current regulations that were not previously known); On the new date in which they decide to travel, the same rate that would have been previously confirmed will be applied.

Every effort is little to make you feel as safe, loved and protected by Europamundo,  for which we are clear:


Remember that for more information you can contact your Travel Agent.