India is welcoming spring with celebration Holi festival on 24 Mar 2016. Holi known as the ‘festival of colors’ or the ‘festival of love’; is a bright, colorful most awaited festival in India because of its fun spirit and playfulness. There is something for everyone in the Holi festivities.  Bon fire, paying with colors, music, rain dance, enjoying Holi delicacies.

Color is such an integral part of celebrating Holi. People paint each with powder color: red, yellow, green blue all the bright colors you can imagine. It’s believed that every color signifies something.

Red – Purity

Green – Vitality

Blue – Calm and sedateness

Yellow – Pious



‘Gulaal’ the pink color holds most festive significance in the ray of vibrant Holi colors. This bright pink color is must for every Holi celebration. For the ones who shy away from playing colors a dash of ‘Gulaal’ on the face is a must. No one is spared on Holi everyone must some get some dash of color on them. India loves color but on Holi is a different story: Every street, every house is full of people drench with colors all over their faces and body. This celebration is best enjoyed with a bunch of friends or family or at organized Holi party.

Holi is good time to visit India, this fun festival is attracting lots foreign tourists to India from all over the world. Also is a great time to discover India meet people and make bonds for life. Even is the time to turn old rivalries into friendships. Its playtime in India around Holi- colors, water, flowers, eateries and music is the main essence of the festival. This  festival start a day earlier with a holicaka born fire. The bonfire is a reminder of the symbolic victory of good over evil.

This party is celebrated in grand manner in north region of India.  Here we suggest few great destinations to celebrate Holi this year in India: Delhi, Banaras, Mathura – Vrindavan & Jaipur. And you can join this party with Europamundo, take a look to our tours HERE


The Bollywood Holi in Delhi

Dancing on Dj paying Bollywood music, live band performance, variety of Indian street food. People of all ethnicity and cultures coming together to enjoy Holi. Sounds fun to you then to might want fly down to Delhi for Holi this year. Delhi host many private events and parties popular among foreigners to enjoy it in safe and moderns setting.



Traditional Holi with Locals in Banaras

Banaras is another tourist destination to host Holi in greatest traditional spirit. Baranaras’s Holi is famous for paying Holi on the Ghats and streets of holy river Ganga. On Ganga Ghats Hindu religious ceremonies are happening through the year. In Banaras no one is a stranger, you can go to the streets on this day and you will find yourself enjoying it with local people with color pored all over you in no time.  Banaras is famous for local intoxicated drink called ‘Bhang’ milk. Bhang has become an integral part of tradition and custom for Holi in the India. Bhang is made of local weed which is use in different drinks and delicacies specially made for this day. Holi in Banaras is a beautiful mix of religious ceremonies and playfulness celebrated together from sadhus to foreigners. Your India visit cannot be better planned than around Holi. And if you want to experience a traditional Indian Holi then there is no destination better than Banaras.

The spiritual Holi in Mathura – Vrindavan

Mathura – Vrindavan is religious city in North India.  Holi is a big religious events at these destination where it is believed that Hindu gods play Holi with their devotees. According to the Hindu legends Lord Krishna plays Holi with his beloved Radha to make a fair face paint in colors. Thousands of devotees come to Mathura – Vrindavan specially to be a part of this grand celebration. Here the temple priest make a special prayer to Lord Krishna and then throw colors on the people. With an immensely strong bonding with Lord Krishna, people of Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate Holi for over a week. Each major Krishna temple celebrates Holi on a different day. The red color holds more significate in a spiritual celebration at Mathura temple. Red signifies love and sacredness according to Hindu mythology.  If this sound like your dream visit to India for Holi.  You can plan your visit to India around Holi to enjoy this festival. Mathura – Vrindavan is just 145 km away from Delhi the capital city of India.



Holi in Pink city Jaipur

Holi bring thousands of people out onto the streets in a dazzling display of color and good cheer. Jaipur is special city to celebrate Holi. It is a tourist city called the pink city of India because of use pink stone in its historic architecture of fortress and palaces. Jaipur is the capital city of colorful state Rajasthan. Most popular Indian state among International tourist from all over the world. This celebration in Jaipur is a royal affair from busy decorated markets to grand forts and palaces. People are friendly and warm, Jaipur host variety of events around Holi. If you are in Jaipur for Holi you cannot miss the Elephant Festival.  The festival features Elephant polo and Elephant Dance with playing of  colors. Brightly decorated elephants adorned with scarves, embroidered head-plates, velvet parasols, ear danglers, gold embroidered rugs and large anklets parade through the streets. Jaipur is amazing city to visit if you coming to India. Why not celebrate your grand colorful Holi in Jaipur this year?