Egypt is a land of mystery, beauty and history that has fascinated travelers from all over the world for centuries. If you’re thinking of exploring this magical destination, look no further. In this article we give you 10 irresistible reasons to take the trip of your dreams to Egypt with Europamundo, where you can explore everything from the ancient pyramids to the breathtaking landscapes of the Red Sea . Each suggestion below is included in our tour: Land of the Pharaohs with Alexandria and the Red Sea ! Read the blog and fall in love with this incredible experience!

1. The Pyramids of Giza

No trip to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the Pyramids of Giza . These architectural marvels were built over 4,500 years ago and will leave you speechless. Climb the steps and unravel the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Cheops , one of the greatest enigmas in the history of mankind, which you can enjoy on our guided tour.


2. The Enigmatic Sphinx

Next to the pyramids, you will find the impressive Sphinx of Gizé , with its wooden body and head of a pharaoh . Contemplate this masterpiece sculpted on the rock and face a journey in time to the heart of ancient Egypt . Here is where our travelers love to record that unique moment with many photos shared on . Will it be different with you?


Sphinx in Egypt


3. Egyptian Museum

On a visit to the Egyptian Museum , we will have the opportunity to explore ancient art and incredible treasures , including the artifacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb . Prepare to be amazed by the richness of Egyptian history. All the details told by our guides.


4. The Citadel of Saladin

During the tour we will visit the majestic Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque . These iconic structures offer a fascinating insight into Islamic architecture and incredible panoramas of the city of Cairo that you can experience with us.


5. Coptic Quarter

Take a trip back in time by walking with our group through the Coptic Quarter, where a hanging church was built over a Roman fortress . Discover Egypt’s rich Christian history as you stroll through its charming streets.


6. Coptic monasteries in Wadi Natrum

We’ll leave Cairo behind and embark on a spiritual journey through the Wadi Natrum region. We’ll see the Coptic monasteries that have been a refuge for Christians since the 4th century and learn about their unique traditions , explained by our guides.

Egypt with Europamundo

Egypt and its diversity


7. Alexandria, the Coastal City

The port city of Alexandria is a treasure by the sea . Explore with us the great Qaitbey Fortress , built on the ruins of the Hellenistic lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world . Stroll along the cornice and together we’ll discover the different faces of this bustling city.


8. Trip to the Nile Delta

Cross the Nile Delta to Rashid and Rosetta, visiting the impressive Rashid Fortress and the city where the famous Rosetta Stone was found, crucial for deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.


9. Luxor, A Journey Through Time

In Luxor , we will immerse ourselves in history by visiting the ” Valley of the Artisans “, the temple of Medinet Habu, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the famous Valley of the Kings. With the guidance of our guide , you will learn about ancient Egyptian life by exploring the magnificently preserved tombs and temples.


Luxor no Egypt
Luxor City


10. Relaxing in Hurghada

After this intense tour, we’ll enjoy moments of relaxation on the white sandy beaches of Hurghada. A beautiful seaside resort offers opportunities for swimming, diving and water sports .

This trip to Egypt is an unforgettable journey through the history, culture and natural beauty of a fascinating country . Get ready to be enchanted by the wonders of ancient Egypt and create memories that will last forever. So pack your bags and come with us on this unique adventure!

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Have you ever visited Egypt? What else would you like to know about this super trip?