Greece is a traveler’s heaven for those who love Island life, beaches, and plenty of Instagram worthy backdrops. Being Europe’s South-East country located at the confluence of three seas the Mediterranean sea, the Aegean sea, and the Ionian Sea Greece has distinct geography from the rest of Europe.

Greece landscape is blessed with diversity and you can find yourself discovering Islands, beaches, mountains, caves, and drive along its coastline with the tour. Most of Europamundo tours have Athens as the arrival city and Mediterranean life will welcome you as soon as you arrive in the capital city.

Greece is an assortment of islands with most of them in the Aegean Sea. Moving further than the Aegean in the Ionian Sea are popular islands like Corfu, Lefkada, Ithaca, and others. We have many impressive itineraries to give a good balance of everything nice Greece has to offer us, look at some Europamundo tours for Greece here


The country has rightly been described as the cradle of human civilization in ancient times with Greece once dominating the ancient world militarily, academically, arts, and culture. It has produced some of the greatest historical figures including playwrights, philosophers, and artists. Grecian art and culture, in particular, its historical buildings like the Acropolis have left a lasting influence on the world of modern and contemporary architecture. They had some of the finest buildings in the world with many now popular tourist sites that attract visitors.

With Europamundo at Athens, we will make most of our time in the exciting metropolis. First, we will take a city tour of Athens a panoramic tour of the city with a local guide which includes the Presidential Palace, the Panathinaikos stadium where the first modern Olympic games were held, the national library, the bustling squares of the center the tour will end at the Acropolis site. If this sounds perfect to you, you will love the next locations, keep reading. Greek culture will fascinate you, in the area of art and culture, Greece has left a lasting impression on the world. They were obsessed with the perfection of the human form as you will see in some of their finest sculptures in bronze and marble at museums and art galleries across the country. You can visit art galleries in your free time on the tour.

Greece cuisine is a delight for travelers especially to enjoy its world-class ingredients like the greek feta cheese and greek olive oil. Vegans and vegetarians will have a diverse variety of options also the classic greek salad to relish. Whether you enjoy Moussaka or have a taste for their Tsoureki, if you are a food lover Greek cuisine is for you.

While traveling with Europamundo you will not only visit the famous Mykonos and Santorini but also few less heard locations of Greece. Let’s find more about them;

Nafplio: The ancient city of Nafplio has many spots of tourist interest like the impressive Venetian era depot for storing arms, Saint Spyridonas Church, Syntagmatos Square is home to the famous Turkish mosque, and the Bavarian Lion among other spots along its waterfront promenade that are a major draw with visitors to the place. Of the many neoclassical cities in Europe Nafplio is among the most well-maintained and preserved with a host of architectural gems to explore. One of the highlights is the massive fortress complex to explore at length. Then there is Akronafplia (the oldest fortress), Palamidi and at the entrance of the arbor the Bourtzi. All of the three mentioned fortresses are of strategic importance and also of immense archaeological value.

Epidaurus: The area was renowned for its famous Sanctuary of Asklepios, considered to be the most well-known healing spot of ancient times. As per myth, the Greek God Zeus deified a human physician Asklepios, after his death for getting a patient to return from Hades (the Underworld).  Asklepios is symbolized holding a staff and having a serpent and dog flanking him that were representative of wisdom in ancient times. The legend of Asklepios as the most important deity of healing brought immense wealth in the third and fourth centuries BCE. The spectacular theatre that is still seen today is one of the many historic buildings that once occupied the area.

Aegina: Because of its proximity to the capital city of Athens it is among the most visited tourist spots in the country. As per ancient myth, the place derived its name from the daughter of Asopos (the water God). Zeus fell for her and took her to the island, hence the name. In the early 1800s, it served as the temporary capital and the mansions built in the neoclassical style seen today are from that time. Its unique topographic location makes it form an equilateral with the Temple of Poseidon and Parthenon that collectively is described as the Trinity of antiquity. The capital is Aegina town that is popular for its very maintained historical buildings. Move towards the outskirts of the town and there quaint villages that reflect the traditional ways of Greek life and have mostly remained unaffected by modern living.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tourist spots spread across this magnificent country. With friendly locals that are always welcoming of visitors, a trip to Greece is an unforgettable experience, and sure to leave you wanting to return. Click here for all the Itineraries taking you to Greece.

If you are passionate about history, love food, arts, and culture aficionado a trip to Greece must top your bucket list. Greece awaits your visit and Europamundo is happy to host you there!