Hello Europamundo Travelers, in this blog post we’re excited to present a range of fantastic suggestions for making the most of your time in Amsterdam. We offer various options, all sharing a common goal: ensuring you have an exceptional Amsterdam experience. Feel free to select the one that suits you best.

No one can dispute that  AMSTERDAM  is one of the most enchanted capitals in Europe. A city full of life with a very strong personality in which water is an essential part of the city. Hundreds of canals cross Amsterdam that invite the traveler to get lost in this particular atmosphere.

With Europamundo tour of Amsterdam, you experience the bicycle culture another indisputable landmark of Amsterdam. Do you know that, according to the statistics, there are as many bicycles as inhabitants in Amsterdam?

Holland’s personality is strongly related to the preservation of the environment and the ecology and, in this sense, the use of bicycles in Amsterdam, to reduce pollution levels, is something profoundly assumed by Dutch people. 

We are presenting these ideas that will fully immerse you in an authentic Dutch experience. Continue reading the entire blog to enhance your travel enjoyment in Amsterdam with Europamundo

Bicycle tour through Amsterdam’s main Canals!

Amsterdam reckons with more than 100 kilometers of channels and about 1500 bridges. But we are going to suggest here a bike walk that will submerge you in the enchant and magic of three of the main channels: Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgratch, all of which were built in the 17th century in which was called the “Golden Ages ”. Our walk will start in Amsterdam‘s Dam Square, undoubtedly the most important in the city. Around the square you are going to find important monuments and museums and it is a very important reference point in the city. Don’t miss the National Monument and the Royal Palace. Remember that Holland has a strong link with its royal family and the monarchy institution.Then we will get until Singer channel where we strongly recommend you to admire buildings such as Singel nº 239, designed by Adolf Leonard Van Gendt.You will find some other great examples of Dutch architecture along the Keizersgracht canal and in the parallel Herengracht, full of imposing mansions. Finally don’t miss the floating houses in Prinsengracht all of them with power supply. 

We offer you an optional tour “THE CANALS OF AMSTERDAM“. You will have the opportunity to take a boat trip through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, considered the “Venice of the North”, with its 160 canals and 1,000 bridges, its beautiful houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, unique churches with carillon and stores, and the famous “Red Light District”.

Amsterdam is a city full of culture and great museums to visit, but we have selected some of our favorites here for you!

Vang Gohg Museum Amsterdam

Undoubtedly Vincent Vang Gogh is one of the main exponents not only of Art History, but also of Dutch painting. In Amsterdam ‘s Museum district you will find this magnificent museum that goes over Vang Gogh’s life and his different artistic periods. A great selection that includes 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 850 letters that will help us to get to know and understand the complex personality and soul of the genius. Here you have an advance of the marvelous things you will find there. Here is a lovely tour we recommend “Amsterdam and Paris“.


Anne Frank’s House

Probably one of the most moving places in Amsterdam, this museum, is located in the exact house, where ANNE FRANK   and her family fled from the Nazi persecution. Going through the narrow and dark rooms of the house you may feel the soul of this brave writer who fights to preserve her innocence and hope in a world that was breaking into pieces.


National Maritime Museum

It is an ideal museum to visit if you are visiting Amsterdam with kids. Hosted in an incredible building that was formerly a naval storehouse, this amazing museum is dedicated to maritime history and includes scale models, weapons and world maps. And for those of you who ever dreamed in your childhood of becoming a brave sailor or a fierce pirate, you will love the reproduction of the Amsterdam, an 18th-century ship that sailed from Netherlands to India. Take a look:



Amsterdam culinary “MUSTS”!

To conclude on a high note, we’d like to recommend three quintessential elements of Dutch cuisine to replenish your energy during this comprehensive visit to Amsterdam. Naturally, we’re beginning with one of the key players in Dutch gastronomy: Cheese.

Holland Cheese

Did you know that Holland produces 650 million kilos of cheese every year? So, it is easy to see the importance of this delicious food in Holland’s economy and culture. There are many different types of Dutch cheeses, although no one can dispute that both Edam and Gouda cheeses are the most popular internationally. They both receive their respective names from the cities where they are produced. But you can find some more examples, equally delicious, such as Maasdamer – unmistakeable thanks to its characteristic holes; – Boerenkaas – which is elaborated in a traditional way -; or Geitenkaas – Dutch goat cheese both soft and mature-. You can get a complete list of Dutch cheeses by clicking HERE 

Our last recommendation for you regarding cheese is to visit any cheese shop in Amsterdam where, apart from buying, you will have the opportunity to taste all the cheese you want!! We highly recommend this enchanting Europamundo tourAmsterdam, Berlin, and Prague” to incorporate these experiences.

The best french fries you may ever eat!

Walking through the streets of Amsterdam will surely draw your attention to the presence of street food stalls where you will find french fries with different sauces, mainly ketchup and mayonnaise. Take a look!

They are simply delicious. Warm and crispy and an ideal snack to accompany you through the streets of this magnificent city.


You should also try these delicious and healthy snacks in some of the street food stalls you will find in Amsterdam . Fresh herrings usually accompanied with onions and pickles. You may eat them “alone”, but we recommend you to ask for a “broodje”, a kind of sandwich of rye bread, simply delicious. This food is so important for Dutch people, that they have even a special celebration in Scheveningen beach (The Hague) to celebrate the arrival of the new herrings. 

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