Have you ever thought about turning your vacation into an unforgettable journey?

At Europamundo, we provide a unique experience that goes beyond simply taking a tour. We want to share how the entire process works, from the moment you leave your country until the start of your circuit.


Let’s start by explaining that we work our tours in seasons , making each trip unique and special. All of our options are available on our website and in our Catalog; the Europamundo Brochure .

This manual is the complete source of information for purchasing your trip , offering comprehensive details on destinations, itineraries, hotels and more.


If you don’t already know, it’s easy to get a quote for your trip with us! Visit our website or our app , where you can check all travel options, and available departure dates and get your quote.

Remember that with the budget in hand, you must speak to your travel agent to process the reservation, as we do not sell directly to the customer, only through our Travel Agents .


Let’s learn how our tours work:


When you arrive at your initial destination if your tour includes a transfer, a Europamundo representative will be waiting for you at the airport . Once you check in to your hotel, your vacation is officially underway.

Guides Throughout the Circuit

Our circuits have experienced guides, ready to accompany you on your journey. Meet people from different cultures, share experiences and enjoy interesting jokes and facts while exploring wonderful places. At Europamundo, we offer local guides in the most important cities, providing detailed insights into each destination.


The itineraries carefully created by Europamundo provide a deep immersion in the destinations explored. When browsing the website and our travelers’ exclusive space My Trip , you will have access not only to the general itinerary but also to crucial details such as specific itineraries, circuit inclusions, list of confirmed hotels, mileage per stage, timetables approximate directions, i nformation about landscapes, hiring options for your trip, details of visits and much more .


Remember that, in some destinations, it is necessary to follow specific protocols, such as taking off your shoes at the entrance to temples and mosques, covering your shoulders and wearing clothing that covers you below the knee. As guarantors of traveler safety, Europamundo strictly respects the standards established by each country, including current health protocols.


The usual means of transportation in Europamundo is the bus. Our buses are state-of-the-art and comply with strict European standards . Europamundo also has combined circuits where you can travel either by plane or by high-speed train. As you see, we have thought of everything!

Remember that when traveling with us there is flexibility , that is, during your trip there may be a change of bus , as well as the departure and arrival of new travelers during the tour, thus creating a multicultural environment on our trips.


The hotels

The hotels included in the package are 3 and 4 stars and are usually always close to some public transport to facilitate mobility to the most attractive points of the cities we visit. You will also have breakfast included, according to the booked trip.

Remember, you can check your designated hotel list in your “My Trip” space. There, in addition to hotels, you will find information about your itinerary, excursions, recommended apps and photos and videos about your circuit. But there is something very important that you should know, and that is that with Europamundo you can travel alone !

You can hire a single room or, if you wish, you can use the “To share” option to share the expenses with another person, who will be designated by Europamundo (always of the same sex).

During the Tours

During your tour, visits, city tours or night transfers are included. But also, in your free time, our guides will offer wonderful optional excursions.

Some of the most popular are visiting the historic city of Toledo in Spain, watching a show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, a flamenco show in Madrid or Seville, a visit to the Louvre museum or a fantastic ride on a Venetian gondola.

As a matter of fact, you can’t lose! You can still purchase optional excursions online, through the My Trip space, before starting your tour, to avoid needing paper money and guarantee a place on the excursion.


Come back home

At the end of your tour, if you have booked a transfer, our drivers will take you to the airport. But you also have the option of hiring additional nights or enjoying a mini package, which is a stay of 2 or 4 days in the city at the end of your tour.

Another key point you also have multiple advantages to get the most out of your circuit. You can see them HERE . As you can see, everything is easier like Europamundo. We put at your disposal the best tools to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

You just need to worry about taking photos of your trip to show everyone and have fun this super experience with Europamundo.

Europamundo Novelties

Don’t worry, it’s not over yet! You can still take advantage of other ways of traveling that you know and experience new experiences around the world!


Discover the Europamundo Novelties If you are looking for a more intimate, regional and short travel experience, ideal for enjoying in depth a city, region or country, being at home or with your family, Europamundo has a perfect solution for you in our TRAVEL PLAN .

This exclusive option allows you to explore, in many cases, less touristy areas and outside of broken traditions, providing an authentic discovery and a unique appreciation of the destination. All in all, you can enjoy on a personalized day and experience your next destination in a truly differentiated way.



Private trips EuropamundoYou will also be able to opt for PRIVATE TOURS in a Private Vehicle! Select a circuit from our catalog with this seal and transform it into a private experience for your group of friends or family. This personalized option is ideal for groups of 2 to 7 people and offers the convenience of being driven by your own guide in a private vehicle.


Maintaining the same rotation of the catalog circuit, with small optional modifications , this exclusive approach allows you to take advantage of the destinations in a more intimate way, adapting the experience in accordance with the preferences and interests of your group . Turn your next circuit into a truly unique and personalized day like the Privatized Circuits in Private Vehicles of Europamundo.


Navigate the charming rivers of Europe with the Europamundo River Cruise! In partnership with Politours, we present this new concept of tours on river crossings of the large rivers navigated in Europe, such as the Reno, Danube, Moselle and Seine.

Also, explore the small-sized cruise along the picturesque Greek islands and the dazzling Dalmatian Coast .

Discover the beautiful European cities with a more peaceful approach, enjoying full thought during the cruise and visiting unmissable tourist spots, everything included.

An excellent opportunity to live a unique travel experience.

Do you dare to go on vacation with us? Where are we going? Write in the comments!