Diversity and Tolerance, the Brand of Europamundo!


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Europamundo is not only one of the most important tour operators in the world, we are not only to take you from one place to another and make you enjoy beautiful places and corners of the planet, at Europamundo we like to transmit values, the values that Our company and we can not only do it by saying it, but by implementing too. Tolerance, respect for diversity, freedom are just some of them that make Europe a company that goes beyond satisfying its customers. Today in this article we want to tell you about some activities that we have done this last season to celebrate the diversity and equality that we always celebrate and try to extend to the society.

Convention 2017

As you know, the last Europamundo convention was held in Turkey , specifically in the beautiful town of Bodrum, and it was a perfect occasion to celebrate diversity. In this convention, as in all of them, all Europamundo operators met in a unique enclave. It was the perfect occasion to gather many people from different cultures, ethnicities or religions. All coexisting in peace without importing anything more than our passion for traveling. Individuals from more than 40 different nationalities participated and we all enjoyed it very much. Without a doubt, they were moments to remember forever.


Women’s Day

Another important date that Europamundo celebrates in style. For us, equality is an objective to achieve and we encourage it in all possible ways. This year with rest of Spain strike for women’s rights,   work strike took place in Europamundo office to demand the rights of women, equal opportunities and say no to gender violence. In addition, purple ties were distributed among all workers to give an account of the importance of raising awareness about this issue and that we are all indispensable in the struggle to achieve equal rights for all of society, be it, men or women.

Diversity Day

Last May the  “cultural diversity day”  was celebrated all over the world. In Europamundo office we have people from  Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, Romania, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico  and so on up to more than 15 different nationalities and we all celebrate that we can live together and respect each other in peace. That day we set up an authentic gastronomic party in the office and all our colleagues brought the most typical dishes from their countries of origin. Thus we could see throughout the corridors, the reception and the dining room, different stands to taste exquisite and international dishes. It was a fair of taste and we ate a lot and very well thanks to our colleagues the real chefs. Below are some pictures from that special day.
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International LGBT Pride Day

On  June 28,  the  International LGBT Pride Day  was celebrated all over the world, a very special day to demand equal opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. At Europamundo we celebrated it in style with several events throughout the day, we were also accompanied by a very special decoration. The whole office was filled with rainbow flags, posters for tolerance and all the workers wore a sticker all day. The most important LGTBI association in Spain, COGAM, came to give us a talk on sexual and diversity and we had an aperitif and toast for equality, it was a very special day.




Europamundo Foundation

A significant initiative, Europamundo has a foundation to help humanitarian projects. Europamundo allocates 1 euro from the sale of each tour to its foundation for the development of these projects helping in this way to do our bit for a better world. These pictures are from a health project in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest where thanks to the foundation, medical checks could be made to more than three thousand people in different towns on tributaries of the Amazon River where medical aid does not usually arrive.
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This has been just a brief summary of all the activities we have in Europe to promote equality and tolerance between cultures, religions, ethnicities, and genders. But not only do we take initiatives on these occasions, but for the year, because for us Europamundo is much more than to make you enjoy the world, it is an important adviser of values with which we try to convey through the essence of our company: diversity, respect, tolerance, peace, and equality.