EUROPAMUNDO – COEXISTENCE OF CULTURES – By: Luis García Codrón, Chief Executive Officer, Europamundo Vacations



The vast majority of people who are reading these words are now connected with Europamundo in some way. You all know that traditionally most of our travelers come from Latin America … however, surprisingly, when analyzing the places from where our travelers arrive … some operators, especially English speaking, market our circuits in nearby countries where they do not we have a direct distributor. Some operator that sells online in the network reaches markets where we have never made efforts to be present … and this gives us many pleasant surprises.


In 2017 and so far in 2018, travelers from 81 different countries have arrived! (from all continents, races and different religions).


Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are (and have always been) the main origin of our traveler base, however, all the countries of Latin America have their corner in our hearts and their seats in our coaches. In our English-speaking marketsmarkets, India and the Philippines are the countries that send us the largest number of travelers.


This year 2018 gives us the surprise of sending us possibly more than 200 travelers residing in Cuba (a number perhaps small, but for us very significant considering the origin of the travelers).


In Iran we have a new representative, it is a very complex market, but the efforts were made for the development of the market. The brochure of Europamundo in Farsi (language) and other commercial actions will lead travelers residing Iran to travel with us this year.


From some countries, none of you would think from where more than 10 travelers arrived (they are too many reservations have arrived – they are not just an isolated reservation): Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Iraq, Japan , Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Trinidad Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Trinidad


The range of nationalities is incredible if we talk about those that arrive in a small number (less than 10): Myanmar, Armenia, Brunei, Cambodia, Korea, Fiji, Estonia, Gabon, Haiti, Virgin Islands, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malta, Nepal, Oman, Palestine, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe …


81 different countries! Given SmilesGiven by people from so many different cultures, different races. Buses for coexistence, for tolerance, for peace. Buses from which you will not only see the most beautiful corners of our planet … you will meet travelers from other worlds that can enrich you with their experiences, ways of seeing life and culture!


“Showing our planet to people who come from all over the world” … what a beautiful objective! What a greater responsibility to make that with it are also an instrument of peace, respect, and coexistence.


Everyone involved in Europamundo is aware of this, we all work in a beautiful profession, without a doubt, offers a small contribution to a more tolerant society and breaks the barriers of fear generated by ignorance, fear of being different.


In our profession, we consider collaborating in something that is little talked about, but which is especially important:


THE ENRICHMENT OF THE SOUL! This world offers us – at the global level of humanity – figures that are increasingly in terms of economic development, but unfortunately poverty in values sometimes seems to reach higher levels every day; does not help the system, does not help the priorities in the concerns of citizens, does not help the mass media in their “news” that so often only seems isolated events. We believe travel helps to travel more often, without doubt, to know the world, sharing emotions and experiences in other countries.


Let’s look proudly that our coaches breathe that feeling of being a place of human enrichment through contact between people so diverse (and at the same time always, so similar in reality).


Let us all be proud to contribute in some way in that our world is a space of coexistence and that we understand the immense wealth that diversity implies.