Christmas is just around the corner. We can all feel it getting colder or warmer, depending on where you are in the world and, in doing so, this special time of year is quietly approaching. In this new blog post we want to show you all one of the most wonderful things about Christmas: its bright lights! Avenues, streets and homes… Transformed into a true festival of colours and shapes in the most extravagant and impressive way.

There are cities that outdo themselves year after year, and guess what? You can visit all these cities your about to see with Europamundo! Why not give yourself the opportunity to visit some of these places and, whether you were thinking of travelling in the off-season or not, let yourself be enlightened by the most beautiful Christmas lights. Let’s get started!


1.- TOKYO, Japan

The magnificence of this city is undeniable, Tokyo is impressive! The history that emanates will win you over at any time of the year, we guarantee it. There are endless incredible moments to enjoy and our trips guarantee a unique experience that only Europamundo can provide, like visiting the great temples of Sensoji, Meiji or Zojoji. In Zojoji you will be able to see hundreds and hundreds of Jizos, stone deities, guardians of children which are dressed with wool hats, bibs and windmills.

On top of all that, imagine adding a lighting display like you’ve never seen before. You will be able to visit neighbourhoods like: Shinjuku, Marunouchi, Shiodome… Where you will see images like this one firsthand:


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2.- MADRID, Spain


In the Spanish capital you will find illuminations full of bows, fir trees, sparkling lights above you and Christmas cherry trees. This year will also see the return of the legendary cats walking through a starry sky, as people born and raised in Madrid are known as cats or “Gatos” in spanish.

We encourage you to take advantage of the flexibility that Europamundo is known for and why not extend your stay in the city for a few days using the STOP YES option to visit the Christmas markets? Remember that you will be able to resume your tour without missing anything you had planned. There isn’t just one, or two markets, but four! The Mercado de Diseño, the Feria de Dulces de Navidad, the Mercadillo del Gato or the Plaza Mayor Christmas Market which is one of the most beautiful in Spain and starts in the last week of November and ends at the end of December.

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3.- SALERNO, Italy

A town which is overshadowed by its by its more well-known neighbours such as Naples and Pompei. But during the Christmas period Salerno has nothing to envious about. It turns into a dreamy Christmas city, for thirteen years already, the southern-Italian town organizes the popular “Luci d’Artista” – event. Every year from November through January, it lights up streets and squares of the city center with colourful and imaginative light installations by famous light artists according to an annual theme. It has become the most spectacular and impressive christmas lights exhibition in Italy, that lights up streets, squares and parks creating a magical atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the event Luci d’Artista 2019 with Europamundo Vacations!



4.- VIENNA, Austria

The city of Vienna is beautiful all year round, with its palaces, gardens…and even more so at the end of the year when it is illuminated and the warm, welcoming atmosphere is present everywhere. As well as being a marvellous Christmas setting, Vienna also boasts wonderful Christmas fairs and markets. two of the most famous being the “Rathausplatz” square where the “Christkindlmarkt” market is located, an excellent place to visit with Europamundo and be amazed by some of the most important monuments in the country, including the Schönbrunn Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the incredible Belvedere Palace and also the famous Maria-Theresien-Platz Square, where its big market and Christmas trees open this time of year!

Vienna welcomes many European neighbours at this time of year, as it has 400 years of history celebrating Christmas with lots of joy, music, food and Christmas spirit.

Photo: creativecommons

Vienna welcomes many European neighbours at this time of year, as it has 400 years of history celebrating Christmas with lots of joy, music, food and Christmas spirit.

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5.- VILNIUS, Lithuania

During the Christmas period, all Lithuanians look forward to the greatest Christmas event in the city: the lighting of the Christmas tree. A special moment for all generations, as from this day on the city is given a touch of Christmas magic. Dozens of Christmas trees all over the city, ice-skating spots with traditional music and Christmas lights, and the most desirable Christmas markets with delicious seasonal drinks and food.

And finally, two places you must visit if you want to experience the authentic Christmas spirit of the city: one is the Vilnius Cathedral Square, where the largest tree and one of the most famous markets in the region are located; and the second is the City Hall Christmas market.

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As you may have noticed this Christmas is brighter than ever, no matter where in the world you want to spend this festive season, the magic of Christmas will always be around, the only thing that matters is your excitement and the desire to share such special times with family and friends.


Share with us the most special Christmas you have ever had?

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