As every year at this time, at Europamundo we find ourselves in the prelude to one of the most emblematic events of our company: the annual Europamundo convention. This year convention will be held in Portugal in two of its regions, ALENTEJO (ÉVORA) and CENTRO (TOMAR). Under the inspiring slogan “Towards New Directions”, the 2023 edition in the city of Évora promises to be not only a professional meeting point, but also a source of inspiration and renewal for all attendees.

Europamundo Convention, a journey towards the future of tourism

The world of tourism is a constant journey of discovery, adaptation and evolution. On this journey, Europamundo has navigated calm seas and faced storms, but always with a clear vision and an unbreakable spirit. The convention in Évora is a new stage in this journey, a moment to look to the horizon and chart a course toward futures not yet explored.

The magic of global collaboration

Bringing together operators from five continents, the convention is a testament to the power of global collaboration. This year, 250 people are expected to attend from some 48 countries around the world, reflecting the diversity and breadth of Europamundo’s reach. With the presence of more than 90 companies, the event will be a melting pot of ideas, experiences and visions of the future of tourism.

Each attendee, with their cultural and professional background, is an essential piece in the Europamundo mosaic. Together, they form a vibrant and diverse image of the world of tourism, an image that is renewed and enriched year after year. During the convention, debates, workshops, work tables and other activities will be held that will encourage exchange and collaboration between participants.

Innovation: Europamundo’s compass

Innovation is not just a buzzword for Europamundo; It is your compass, your north. In Évora, projects and tools will be presented that reflect an avant-garde vision, a constant search for improvement. But beyond technology and strategies, true innovation lies in the ability to see the world with new eyes, to dream of infinite possibilities and to have the courage to make those dreams come true.

Évora: Where the past inspires the future

Évora, with its rich history and heritage, is a reminder that, to look to the future, we must understand and appreciate our past. Its ancient monuments and cobblestone streets tell stories of times past, stories that inspire and give perspective. In this environment, attendees will find not only knowledge, but also inspiration.

A call to inspiration

The convention is not just an event; It’s a calling. A call to dream bigger, to challenge limits, to inspire and be inspired. In a world that is constantly changing, Europamundo invites everyone to be agents of change, to be beacons of innovation and passion in the vast ocean of tourism.

“Towards New Directions” is not just a conventional motto; It is a philosophy, a vision, a challenge. As Europamundo embarks on this new chapter of its journey, he invites everyone to join us, to be part of this odyssey towards a future full of infinite promise and possibilities.