Hello Europamundo Travelers, we are taking you through these breathtaking winter escapes. Join our tours where each destination unfolds a tale of beauty and winter wonder. From the charming Leysin to the enchanting Rothenburg, our carefully curated coach travel experiences promise a blend of adventure, romance, and picturesque landscapes. Join us as we traverse through snow-clad realms, from the heights of Glacier 3000 to the serene lakes of Austria, crafting memories that linger like a gentle snowfall.


Leysin – Winter Haven


Winter Haven

Our winter escape begins in Leysin, a beautiful holiday village offering spectacular views of the Rhône plain and Mont Blanc. Known for its winter sports resort and hiking possibilities, Leysin is a haven for those seeking both adventure and tranquility. Would you like to visit this adorable place? Click HERE to see all the tours that offer you a unique itinerary that includes Leysin.

Interlaken – A Scenic Winter Delight


Our winter sojourn takes a delightful pause in Interlaken, nestled among picturesque lakes. Here, time seems to stand still as you savor a dreamy stop surrounded by the charm of this scenic paradise. Talking about winter and how we can skip this beauty offered by winter-wonderland of Switzerland. HERE are all tours by Europamundo taking you to Interlaken.

Lucerne – Timeless Winter Beauty

Our journey unfolds further to Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities. Wander through cobbled streets, discover architectural gems, and let the timeless beauty of Lucerne cast its spell on you. CLICK HERE for all tour combinations for Lucerne.


Kawaguchiko – Winter Tranquility

Transitioning continents, we arrive in Kawaguchiko, a Japanese haven adorned with tiny houses, blooming flowers, and the majestic Mount Fuji. Express gratitude at the Fuji Sengen Shrine, surrounded by tall trees and the starting point of a traditional pilgrimage. Glide across Kawaguchiko Lake on a delightful boat trip, immersing yourself in the winter serenity that envelops this magical place. All this in the backdrop of Mt. Fuji this will assure you the best tour memories. You must explore these Europamundo TOURS taking you to Kawaguchiko, Japan.

Rothenburg – A Fairytale Town

Our romantic route leads us to Rothenburg, a city surrounded by walls, offering a glimpse into the enchanting Christmas Museum. Wander through its snow clad historic streets and let the winter spirit embrace you. We are sure this place is on your bucket list and what can be a better time to visit than winter. CLICK HERE for tours.

Kitzbühel – Year Round Snow

Traveling along a scenic road between the mountains, we arrive in Kitzbühel, a picturesque village and renowned ski resort where snow blankets the landscape for most of the year. Enjoy all Europamundo tours taking you to Kitzbühel HERE .

Steinplatte – Alpine Heights


We will enjoy our journey with a cable car ride to Steinplatte, revealing high mountains in the alpine region with snow 9 months a year. Explore the fantastic scenery and the exhibition of dinosaurs, creating unforgettable memories.CLICK HERE for Europamundo tour taking you to Steinplatte, Austria.

Europamundo’s Winter Odyssey is an immersive exploration of diverse landscapes and cultures, an enchanting tapestry of dreams. From the alpine wonders of Switzerland to the serene lakes of Austria and the festive charm of Rothenburg, every destination beckons with its unique allure. Join us on this panoramic journey, where each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of your winter escape. Explore a world of beautiful tours with Europamundo and know more about us at www.europamundo.com .


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