I am proud to be working with Europamundo – a travel company that has strong ethics and empathy for all our travel partners and employees. I am glad to get the encouragement from my team to travel. It is an opportunity to evolve in my work and to see the world!

Over the years, I had various travel experiences in India, but this was my first travel abroad. So I handpicked this trip with delight on wwweuropamundo.com and took an extraordinary chance to become a solo voyager. I chose a tour that took me to the few desired destinations of Europe France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

Oh Paris, what could be a better city other than Paris for my arrival city! After landing out of an exciting flight journey from New Delhi to Paris. At the Paris airport, I collected my baggage and was waiting for my trip to start. I was welcomed by my arrival pick-up driver and then I checked into the hotel as the arrangements were already made. 

My first visit was Montmartre district in the evening, our TOUR GUIDE greeted us and I met the rest of the co-travelers in the group and hopped onto the Europamundo Coach for Montmartre admiring the first views of Paris city. We reached a popular funicular, to go on the highest point of the Paris slopes where the artistic district is located. It was very enchanting and intriguing to see Paris from the top. The next morning my destination was the Eiffel Tower. I had already woken up at dawn to unpack my bags. It was a sunny day and I joined the group and got briefed by Tour Guide, my excitement raced to see the most beloved structure of France. After reaching the bottom of the Eiffel Tower I clicked a few pictures and then went on the second floor. Oh, the view was breathtaking, and to see the many boulevards of Paris and landmarks from above was exceptional. 

The day ended with a boat cruise along the River Seine. The twilight looked beautiful. It’s captivating to enjoy on the housetop of the boat and watch the city’s divine architecture. I was also involved in chats with a happy family from the Philippines and the rest of the travelers from a multi-cultural blend. The rest of the evening was spent in the Latin Quarter a lively area. The next day I got to visit the Louvre Museum, the center of Paris where I saw the features of the exhibition hall like the Venus de Milo, the Monalisa, Cupid’s Kiss, the Winged Victory of Samothrace. I got a chance to click Monalisa the Leonardo Da Vinci painting. 

A few had opted for the Disneyland Paris but I chose to visit one of the best known Paris perfumeries. The shopkeepers were enthusiastic here, proficient, and learned. The next day I visited Beaune a wine town with exceptional wine shops and cafes. The guide made a pleasant air and the entire experience was fun. Next was Lyon a dreamy experience it was an adorable French city to be able to walk on foot. 

After waving off to France, my next destination was Zurich, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Along the way we stopped at Geneva, and paid a visit to the United Nations headquarters) and Jardin Anglais (English Garden) for its famous flower clock. Our group was greeted by the popular Jet d’Eau water jet shooting high in Geneva Lake. It was a rainy afternoon I spent a lot of time in one of its cafés.

Later in the day, we reached Zurich it was the onset of Christmas time in early November and I was delighted to see lovely Christmas markets and décor all over Zurich. The next day was special, I along with the group and our TOUR GUIDE headed for Rapperswil a fairy-tale island town . We board a boat for Rapperswil to cross Zurich lake, while admiring the villages along the way. By now I was comfortable with the idea of ​​Solo traveling and the tour was smoothly planned, it allowed lots of free time to do my own activities. Next place Grindelwald was a journey filled with excellent scenes with high mountains and scenes of glaciers. The Cable Carride was mesmerizing and reaching up to one of the highest peaks of Switzerland was conquering!

Now comes the prettiest locations on my trip first was Lucerne a stunning lake city, I spent the afternoon on the deck enjoying its many cafes and eateries in the backdrop of the lake and surrounding mountains. In the evening we were lucky to enjoy the black Friday shopping sale at the Lucerne enchanted market area. Another pretty location is Morcote a small resort on the shores of lake Como. 

After leaving the Swiss memories behind, my next destination Italy was waiting with diverse experiences for me. We started the road journey with Europamundo Coach along with our group and TOUR GUIDE travelers bonded like a bunch of friends along the way. I admired Pisa, clicked pictures at the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the beautiful artistic complexes. At the next stop Milan it was a glorious evening spent at one of its fancy market streets with cozy cafes enjoying my cup of coffee and pastries .  Later I checked into the hotel in Rome, I liked its elegant interiors and comfortable room. 

Rome was very enchanting, I appreciated the magnificence of the city, charmed by its many landmarks and wonderful squares. Here I tasted the best pasta and the best gelato on the planet. I enjoyed encounters with the crowd and the way of life, food, culture and history of Italy. Spent a splendid evening walking down the streets, what better Rome could have offered me than this! The next day had to bid a farewell to the romantic Rome to visit my last and final destination on the tour- Madrid.


A big highlight of my trip that included a flight from Rome to Madrid, I arrived in the afternoon and I was eager to explore the capital city!

In Spain, I loved the churros, Pella, and the warm hearts of the Spanish people . Thank you Europamundo for this wonderful trip , I made many happy memories of the trip, I collected so many souvenirs and clicked so many pictures to cherish for life !

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